Social media and content marketing have led to massive growth for many companies, both large and small. Still, for many small business owners, the discipline and approach to this way of doing business is new and can sometimes be a little intimidating. What you need is a guide to explain the approach and help you through the learning curve.

Being both a 30-year veteran of the marketing industry AND a successful college professor for the last ten years, I’ve decided to offer you the same semester-long class I’ve been teaching at several universities, FOR FREE!

You’ve Taken the First Step in Learning Social Media and Content Marketing.

You’ve seen the promotional video. That’s why you’re here. I hope you’ll take the next step with me and join the course. You get access to all of my recorded lectures, via podcast PLUS all the lecture slides that accompany the lectures, to help make your learning complete.

All you need to do is sign up here. There is no cost, no hassle. This is one heck of an opportunity. I’ll be around to help you answer any questions and apply this to your business. My contact information will be on the email you’ll receive as soon as you complete and submit the following form. Welcome to class!

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